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Photograph Repairs (UK) offers online photo shop services that produce enhanced quality copies of your photographs. Based in Hessle near Hull, the service provides custom retouching, restoration, colour or clarity improvements along with a high resolution digital copy of your picture. A range of photographic problems can be fixed to create perfect enhanced pictures which make lovely gifts ideal for a wedding anniversary / birthday.

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Shown is a blurred digital image which lacked clarity in colours and detail - a great photograph otherwise. Photographic problems like this are often caused by having a low resolution image from an old phone or taken with low quality settings, but they can be fixed with a little timeā€¦


Here the image details and colours were enhanced along with some retouching to improve things further. The subjects were made to appear slightly brighter than the rest of the picture and some background alterations were made. This one ended up reproduced as a beautiful 12"x16" canvas and a copy was produced as an 8"x10" photograph print - all from an original image smaller than 1 megapixel!


Another problem was with a badly taken wedding photo with the subjects off centre. Because the subjects were so close to the right edge, a typical photo shop would have said that can't be fixed without changing the photo size (by cropping) which would have made a much squarer size photo to centre the subjects.


To centre the subjects whilst still keeping correct size for framing purposes, some customised artwork was applied to extend the background details more to the right to make it seem as if the photo had been shot at a different angle, turning this one into a lovely wedding anniversary gift.

Look through any photograph album and you'll often find many pictures that have fading colours, subject details, or other problems. Why not consider getting poor quality, spoilt, or worn out old photos restored and enhanced or customised with the digital photo shop services available? If you find a photograph of a memorable or special occasion, consider getting the picture enhanced into a higher quality finish with aesthetic or subject details improved or customised - the right photo given the perfect finish makes a lovely picture gift that's guaranteed to surprise and delight.

Reproduced on high quality matte or glossy photo prints or a beautiful canvas finish (100% cotton).

If you have original copies of your photos (prints etc), you can either arrange to visit if local or send by mail. Digital copies of any photos can also be sent via email. If you have a photo scanner, get advice and help on copying old photos to digital yourself here.

Prices vary based on what a picture needs or the services required - please get in touch for more details.

Photograph Repairs,
Dovecote, Tranby Park,
Jenny Brough Lane, Hessle,
East Yorkshire, UK.
Email: info@photographrepairs.co.uk
Call free: O8OO-228-9277

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